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Selected live performances, interviews and photographs
KCRW.com is pleased to announce the launch of a special interactive feature to accompany the 30-year anniversary celebration of Morning Becomes Eclectic. Launching on Labor Day, the online special extends the broadcast experience by featuring rare, full-length audio and video performances and interviews with artists such as Astor Piazzolla, Peter Tosh, and Ravi Shankar. Accessible via kcrw.com, the online special will also include slideshows featuring rare photographs of the artists at KCRW's studios and a downloadable playlist of Tom Schnabel's Top 10 songs from the era during which he was host of MBE. Also included is a web-exclusive conversation of Tom with longtime KCRW friend and supporter, Tracey Ullman.
Tom's Top Songs, 1977 - 1990      Download playlist: PDF | iTunes iMix
Tom Schnabel

Unforgettable Moments

by Tom Schnabel

Morning Becomes Eclectic started in 1977, I became Music Director in July 1979 and ended my 11-year run on MBE in November 1990. KCRW was small at the beginning. Looking at photos of racks holding reel-to-reel tape machines looks old school -- but pretty cool, even now.

Some unforgettable moments include: Marlon Brando's assistant calling to get a hot flamenco LP I was playing because he wanted to take it to his Tahitian island. My first MBE interview - it was with Ravi Shankar, no less. And, being told by a journalist that MBE was great farm opera. During my stint, I also met some of my musical heroes. To support their work was an unbelievable privilege, as was meeting music lovers in our audience, some of whom have become my dearest friends.

No matter what you do before or after, hosting Morning Becomes Eclectic is the dream job of a lifetime.

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