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Nic Harcourt

That First Song ...

by Nic Harcourt

April 20th 1998, a date I'll never forget as it was my first day on the air as host of Morning Becomes Eclectic . In the few days leading up to that first show a lot of people were asking me what song would I start my tenure with. I really hadn't thought about it too much as just the move alone from Woodstock NY had occupied a lot of my thoughts.

But on that morning I came into the music library and began pulling songs that I would play on that days show and I began thinking about that first song. I decided on "Start" by the Jam, one of my all time favorite bands.

These are the opening lyrics:

It's not important for you to know my name -
Nor I to know yours
If we communicate for two minutes only
It will be enough

It seemed like as good a beginning as any.

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